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About Us

How It All Began

Volume Up! is a non-profit organisation founded in 2017 that aims to help and advocate for the deaf community in any way it can. We intend to achieve this by raising awareness on the Indonesian Sign Language (BISINDO) as it is the deaf’s main way of communication in Indonesia, however, not everyone knows of its existence. We also strive to improve the conditions of the lives of the deaf to ensure a more comfortable lifestyle for them.

Volume Up! Focuses on two main divisions to help the lives of the Indonesian Deaf Community:


This is the national sign language in Jakarta, Indonesia. Sign language is used universally as the deaf community’s main way of communication, which allows them to express their ideas, facial emotions, and gestures at the same time. Learning and teaching sign language will allow us to communicate more easily with the deaf, as well as make it easier for the deaf to communicate with others.

Volume Up! Focuses on raising awareness of sign language by making learning sign language accessible through a mobile phone application. This is done not only because BISINDO is not being fully recognised as the national sign language, but also because there are many people out there who would like to learn it to help communicate with their deaf relatives or the deaf community in general. Most people today have access to mobile phones, thus an application seems to be the most appropriate and effective way of teaching sign language.

  1. 2. Facilitate hearing loss

The deaf community experiences varying degrees of hearing loss, but in many cases, the impacts of it could be easily mitigated.. Some may lose their hearing from the time they were born; others through accidents; others through degenerative illnesses. But among these reasons, one thing is common: to live in a world without hearing can be challenging. As a result, Volume Up! strives to help these people hear a little bit more of their world. Especially through the advancement in technology nowadays, this is quite possible. We do this by helping to provide services and products that can assist in facilitating hearing loss, such as hearing aids.

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