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Aug 03

Amina Shreve

The Birth of Volume Up! : The Inspiration

Picture of frog by Ben Fredericson

We all have a story; this is Volume Up’s. It begins with Jerick Hartono, our founder, 17 years of age, who grew up struggling with his hearing. He first noticed his difficulties upon failing his third grade hearing test. Following this, he discovered his partial hearing loss with a hearing threshold in his left ear of only 50 dB and his right of 110dB. Heartbreaking news for a third grader and his family. As you can imagine, continuing to develop through life was a difficult challenge full of adapting, failing, and bullying. Starting with the struggle of getting hearing aids and the bullying that persisted for many years. Picture this; a young boy internally trying to cope with hearing difficulties, attending school, only to be victim to name calling and subject of jokes made about his only means of sound. Not something one would wish upon an innocent boy fighting his own battles. However, his strong will and commitment to himself allowed him to push pass this adversity, resulting in his acceptance of himself. Instead of feeling sorry for himself and giving in to the bullying he experienced, he took these challenges into his own hands by using it as motivation to show that disability does not mean inability. Studying hard, contributing to society, and being a caring person, has brought him through life’s struggles and has shown the bullies what he truly is capable of. Upon achieving his confidence and motivation to inspire others with his story, he created Volume Up! This is where our chapter begins. We aim to raise awareness of Indonesian Sign Language, BISINDO, and facilitate the hearing loss suffered by many. Helping the world become more conscious about the deaf community, Jerick believes, will make the world a much more accepting and educated place. We hope you’ll join our movement and support our organisation to help us write more chapters of Volume Up!’s story. To find out more information, take a look at the “About Us” page on our website, or contact us through the email:

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