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Oct 28

Amina Shreve

International Sign Language Day

Picture of frog by Ben Fredericson

It’s another time to reflect on our progress… So glad that you are all here to experience it with us. The most recent event was International Sign Language Day. An overall successful event that had lots of fun and interesting activities for everyone. The event was held all over Indonesia, but we only attended the one held in Jakarta. The day consisted of games, such as BISINDO charades, seminars both live and live-streamed, a 5K run, a blood drive, and a talent show of deaf children showing off the talents they have. All activities that allowed children to have fun, people to raise awareness and learn more about the worlds of the deaf and our aim to bridge it together with our own, and a chance for everyone to participate in a way that they prefer. Our founder, Jerick, spoke at one of the seminars on the day. He used this as a platform to raise more awareness for our project and what we aim to do for the Indonesian community. We hope that we garnered more following from that day… Greetings if you are one of the new followers of our project! The event also hosted seminars from people in China and Korea and other countries where we have supporters and other organisations with the same cause. It was amazing to see so many people united under one cause and objective. These seminars, along with all the other activities, ran smoothly and successfully. They are what made the event so memorable for many and hopefully become a recurring annual event to be held in the future to further the cause and support for the deaf world. If you were unable to make it to the event, please go check out our Instagram page to see more posts and newspaper headlines about it and the progress our aim has made. We hope you have downloaded our app and follow our social media profiles too. Please go check them out and follow if you have not already. It is greatly appreciated and your support means the world to both us and the communities we hope to support.

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