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Aug 08

Amina Shreve

Creation of JakSL

Picture of frog by Ben Fredericson

Our app, JakSL, was first devised by our founder, Jerick Hartono (read more about his story in “The Birth of Volume Up! : The Inspiration” post), following the abundance of times he has seriously thought about and visualised the lives of those with total deafness. His thoughts processed the idea that although he had trouble hearing, he was still in a much better place than those who cannot listen to music, engage in regular conversation due to their deafness, or simply enjoy their lives. By doing so he became more involved with the issue of communication between deaf and non-deaf communities, and became determined to create a means of bridging those communities closer together. Upon visiting a few community centers and attempting to communicate with deaf people, he recognised the significance of the language barrier that existed between him and those he was trying to converse with. He knew that they could not hear him but also noticed that his lack of knowledge of sign language limited his understanding of those around him. From this experience, he took it upon himself to learn sign language and realised how interesting and simple it is to pick up, despite the absence of people who know how to use it. Ultimately, his own experience sparked his imagination to create Volume Up! in order to make sign language more prominent in society and more accessible to those wanting to learn. Since the creation of Volume Up! as an organisation, Jerick has attended Q&A seminars to find out more about the demand for sign language and discover the reason why sign language is less prominent in society. He discovered that most people learnt through family members who lived with it their whole lives. He also discovered that the inadequate opportunities to learn sign language was mainly due to the lack of access to it, thus leading Jerick to create our app as it was the easiest way to spread awareness of and access to sign language. Many meetings and developmental discussions later, JakSL (standing for Jakarta Sign Language) was formed, serving as Volume Up!s main project and proudest aspect to date. Stay tuned and keep updated with our progress by following our socials listed in the “Contact Us” page in the downbar above.

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