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Aug 08

Amina Shreve

Our App is Coming Soon

Picture of frog by Ben Fredericson

The Volume Up! app, JakSL, aims to be an easy and accessible platform for anyone to learn the Indonesian Sign Language, BISINDO. Not only will it allow one to increase their personal skills, but also engaging with the app will aid in enhancing the livelihoods of the deaf community as one learns their main form of communication, helping to bridge the two worlds closer together. Not to worry, the app is completely free! As well as tremendously simple to use. We are a non-profit organisation, so we strive to provide society with an easy way to create that bridge between us and the deaf community, hence why we wanted to make our app free for all to access. In regards to the app itself, users will learn the sign language by advancing through the 3 different levels that become increasingly more difficult and more immersed into the world of sign language. The lessons will be taught to users through video tutorials, led by Jerick Hartono or Surya, that each deal with a different topic which serve as basic foundations of sign language. It’s straightforward, great fun, and will help make a positive impact on both non-deafs and the deaf community. We hope that the app will make learning sign language more accessible and greatly more fun in order to pique society’s interest in learning the language more. With this in mind, we hope that our app will make communication between deaf and non-deaf communities more effective and meaningful. The launch of the app will be on Thursday August 9 2018, at 6:00 pm. We hope you can join us in spirit through our Instagram live stream that will begin at 6:45pm. Follow us @volumeup.jkt to be the first to join and get a front-row seat to see all the action!

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