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Sep 02

Amina Shreve

A Look Back at Our Launch

Picture of frog by Ben Fredericson

Success! Thank you to everyone who has supported our journey and showed their love throughout the launch. And another thank you to all the press and activists who attended the event; giving us lots of confidence. To those who missed out on our Instagram livestream, here is a rundown of what went on and some pictures to show you what happened. Also, don’t forget to check out our Instagram and website to see more photos of the event, as well as snapshots of news articles we were featured in. Something we are still super proud of. To introduce, Thursday, August 9, was the launch of our app, JakSL. A highly anticipated and long awaited event for our entire team, we were all both eager and very excited for the launch to take place. You could feel the emotions - enthusiasm but also stress - radiating off of every member involved, as well as some anxious faces in the audience awaiting the moment to come. At 6:30 - 6:45pm, We, as a team, assembled our phones and set up our Instagram livestreams, posted, and watched as the number of viewers gradually increased. Obviously, the first sign of a successful event and something that put a proud smile on all our faces. At 7:00pm, the MC gathered the audience’s attention and we began the event. Starting with an introduction to Jerick and the rest of the team, it was all smooth sailing from there. We moved on to presenting the organisation’s mission, vision, and aim for the app. This all happened before revealing and demonstrating the app itself. Once that happened, you could feel the excitement and curiosity that existed within the audience; truly a rewarding experience for the team. Following that, Jerick and Laura partook a Q&A session, and we demonstrated the app to give an overview of how it works. You can read more about that on our previous blog post, and by downloading the app yourself on the Google Play store. At 7:30pm, after introductions and the reveal, the event moved on to a video call with famous deaf activist, Surya Sahetapy, to discuss multiple talking points. Having his support and availability during the launch was a huge benefit to us. We would like to thank him, if of course he is reading this, for all his help and support. At 8:00pm, the launch came to an end with the presentation of certificates of appreciation to the team members, which was followed by an an abundance of photographs. We would like to say thank you again to those who have supported our journey and, also, to those who have downloaded the app already! We hope you enjoyed hearing about the launch and feel just as proud as we do. There are a few fun events coming up in the near future so follow our accounts to keep updated on their progress. Thanks again to all who made this launch possible and so successful.

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