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Jerick Hartono


Jerick Hartono is a student at British School Jakarta who has founded this student-led organisation in 2017. At a young age of 9 years old, Jerick discovered that he suffered from partial hearing loss in both of his ears, and had to use hearing aids to help his hearing from then on. Although he isn't deaf, Jerick understands how different being deaf can be, and he strives to be a positive figure within the deaf community by helping the deaf be heard.

This led Jerick to be interested in learning the sign language in Indonesia (BISINDO), and he is now currently advancing towards completing the BISINDO course. Hoping to do more than just be able to communicate with the deaf, Jerick established his student-led non-profit organisation Volume Up! that focuses on working towards the goal for a better world for the deaf. He started by helping a few small deaf communities and schools in Jakarta, but he is now inspired to extend his impact to a larger community.

As he understands how it feels to live in both the deaf and hearing world, he decided to start his first project: JakSL. He made this application to help teach BISINDO and raise its awareness in Indonesia, and to let eager sign language learners gain easier access to learning it.

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